Red Sea Aggressor II - Northern Red Sea, Ras Mohamed & Straits of Tiran (7 nights)

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For jaded divers who have seen it all, the further south you go in the Red Sea, the higher the quality of the diving. these fish species can only been found here. This forms the basis of a marine eco-system which includes 1,100 species of fish, of which just under 20% are endemic to the Red Sea. The Red Sea's abundance of marine life and depths of the reef are a thrill that many divers will tell you is unbeatable.

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Day 1: Join the Red Sea Aggressor II in Hurghada
Day 2-6: Up to 4 dives daily, eat, dive & sleep
Day 7: Two dives then return to Hurghada between 2 - 4 pm, Cocktail part 6 pm and dinner ashore at 7 pm. (Friday dinner is the only meal not included in the cruise)
Day 8: Disembark at Hurghada


Red Sea Diving, EgyptWith awesome visibility and breath-taking soft corals, the Red Sea is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in the world. There are over one thousand species of fish in the Red Sea, 20 percent of which can be found nowhere else in the world. It is hard to believe that where the Egyptian desert sands end, a marine paradise begins. Ironically, Egypt's desert climate has created an ideal liveaboard scuba diving setting. 

It is one of the sunniest places on the planet, therefore, corals and their tiny guests thrive on an overabundance of solar energy. The Red Sea is the resting place of many intriguing wrecks included several WWII ships that house countless artifacts.

The Northern Red Sea and Straits of Tiran
  • Some of the most historic wrecks like the Thistlegorm, Rosalie Moller, and Abu Nuhas. 
  • Ras Mohamed National Park has beautiful pristine coral reefs with abundant marine life.
  • The Straits of Tiran are the narrow sea passages between the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas which separate the Gulf of Aqaba from the Red Sea. These reefs, named after British cartographers are world famous for their extrordinary diversity of corals and strong south westerly currents that make them home to many large pelagic fish.
  • Between dives, guests may snorkel, explore secluded beaches or relax in many of the comfortable sitting areas on the yacht
The Red Sea is considered to be one of the 7 Wonders of the underwater world, harboring more than 1,000 species of invertebrates and over 200 species of soft and hard coral.

The Red Sea takes its name from the periodic algal blooms that occur here painting the sea with a reddish hue, and not the red-tinted Egyptian mountain ranges that surround it. Variety is in no short supply either and depending on where you choose to dive. If it isn't the first destination to crop up in a wow conversation, it is typically among the first 3. In other places vibrant reefs stretch out far into the sea and form intricate labyrinths of plateaus, lagoons, caves and gardens.Few locations crop up in conversations about scuba diving the way that the Red Sea does. These areas in the south of Egypt are your best bet for encounters with oceanic whitetip sharks and large schools of fish. The high level of endemism here is one of the main factors that makes Egypt scuba diving so interesting. John's which satisfy even the most experienced scuba divers.e.

In spite of being privately owned and operated, the HMS Thistlegorm was nevertheless fitted with a 4" anti-aircraft gun and a heavy calibre machine gun when she was drafted for war duty. Diving is allowed in designated areas only and visitors must leave the park by sunset. Surrounded by fringing coral reefs that emerged after a change in the coastline 70,000 years ago, the park is characterised by vertical overhangs at least 100m deep. A long list of inventory includes tanks, aircraft, armoured vehicles, Jeeps and Bedford trucks. Her last voyage commenced on the 2nd of June 1941 as she sailed to Alexandria and was loaded with wartime supplies during World War II. The Thistlegorm, on the west coast of the Sinai Peninsula and 40 km from Sharm El Sheikh, is the best known and most popular wreck dive in the Red Sea.

Ras Mohammed
Because of its exceptional beauty and scientific significance, the Egyptian government declared Ras Mohammed a protected area in 1983, at the time with an area of only 97 km². The park 
has since been extended to 480 km² and is a success today because of local awareness and the rangers who patrol the grounds and surrounding seas. If Ras Mohamed is the most spectacular diving area near Sharm El Sheikh, then Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are the prized scuba spots of Ras Mohammed. About 20 km south of Sharm El Sheikh, on a slim peninsula towards the most southern tip of Sinai, lies Ras Mohammed, the first and best kept national park in Egypt. Due to its location on the Sinai Peninsula at the juncture of the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, the combining waters of varying salinity from each gulf has resulted in a spectacular array of reef and pelagic fish, diverse coral reef and luxuriant sea walls; These reefs offers an opportunity to spy every single species of fish of the Red Sea, right here in the Sinai Peninsula. Ras Mohammed is ideal for some unforgettable Red Sea scuba diving on the Sinai Peninsula. It is believed to be one of only a few popular tourist areas in the world that has no 
effluent discharge into its waters.

Diving in Egypt as a whole is a pretty special attraction and like a box of Quality Street - everybody has their own favourite. Join an Egyptian liveaboard to experience the best diving that this region has to offer. Your diving holiday can include shallow patch reefs, drift dives and walls, or a collection of some of the most interesting wrecks you are likely to find anywhere. It's a diver's paradise, with the warmest of warm seas, very little wave action and unsurpassed visibility. The legendary dive location that is Ras Mohammed, wrecks the likes of the Thistlegorm and the Straits of Tiran are all easily accessible from Sharm El Sheikh. They are also home to interesting caves and have many tunnels to explore


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  • Up to 4 dives per day will be offered including night dives (conditions permitting)
  • 7 nights live-aboard cruise on Red Sea Aggressor II in air-conditioned and fitted with private bathrooms staterooms and a porthole or picture window. The yacht is equipped with hairdryers and bathrobes in
    each stateroom. Linens are changed mid-week and fresh towels are placed in each stateroom
    as needed.
  • Full board while on cruise including
  • Breakfast (cooked to order), buffet lunch and an elegant chef prepared dinner with tableside service are served in addition to mid-afternoon snacks.
  • Beverages (soft beverages, local beer and wine with dinner) are complimentary while onboard.
  • Filled tanks, weights and weight belts are included.
  • DAN Europe dive insurance (only apply when purchasing flights from DYKKEbazaar/DIVEplanet or for members of the Norwegian Dive Federation)

Not included:
  • Port fees USD30 per person
  • Tips (normally 10-15% is suggested)
  • Travel to / from joining point
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Visa for Egypt USD25, paid upon arrival

Other useful information:
Single surcharge: on request
Price: is based on twin or deluxe shared cabin. Upgrade to Master cabin USD 200 and to Suite USD 300
Surcharges & Taxes: There is a USD $45 Port Fee per person and a USD $100 Marine Park fee per person to visit Ras Mohamed and Straights of Tiran. These fees are paid onboard the yacht and may be paid by Visa, Mastercard, or cash. The yacht doesn not accept travelers checks due to the banks not accepting them. There is a 14% Value Added Tax (VAT) required by the Egyptian Federal Law for all onboard billings for any retail or service added to your bill that includes port fees, marine park fees, dive courses, clothing sales and nitrox.
Destination is known for: schooling fish & big pelagics, turtles, schooling fish & big pelagics, wreck diving
Best time to visit this destination: 
Egypt can be dived all year but the water temperatures do vary a lot. The warmest period is between June to August where you can get water temperatures up to 30C, and the coldest period is February with temperatures down to 22ºC, so make sure you bring adequate wet suites. 
You should also consider the air temperature as it can get up to 40ºC in August and down to 20ºC during the winter months from December to February. If you are keen meeting whale sharks your best bet would be to travel between the end of May to the end of July when you can expect to see this awesome creature (mainly in the Northern part of the Red Sea). During this warmer period it tends to be the best time to see a wide range of marine life as the plankton blooms and this bring in the big mantas to feed as well as nesting turtles. The summer months is also the best time to spot the shy hammerhead sharks. The benefit of travelling during the winter months is of course the more pleasant topside temperatures, superior visibility and this is the time where you can hopefully see the thresher shark and dolphins.
Water Temperature: From 23 - 29ºC
Visibility: Depending on the time of year but between 20-40m
Arrival/Boarding/Departure: Airport transfers are included if arriving and departing from the Hurghada International Airport on the charter start/end dates to and from the Hurghada New Marina.  Guests will be met and transfered to the yacht. Guests may board the yacht Saturday afternoon anytime between 3 pm - 6 pm and through the evening. The yacht will depart the dock early Sunday morning after the Port Authorities have checked all guests passports. After clearance is given, no one can board the boat.
After a full week of diving, the RED SEA AGGRESSOR II™ returns back to Hurghada New Marina Friday afternoon between 2 - 4 pm. Friday evening after the sunset cocktail party, guests may go ashore and enjoy one of the many fine restaurants, cafes or pubs in the marina. Check-out is Saturday morning at 8 am.
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