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Often described in dive magazines as one of the best dive operation in the world, Fish 'n Fins is the pioneer dive shop in Palau. Palau offers you the world's most beautiful tropical paradise. Famous for its diving, Palau is rated as one of the world's best diving destinations by scuba aficionados. And why not...Palau has unspoiled reefs, caves, and walls with the most amazing array of marine life you can ever imagine.

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Day 1: Pick up from your hotel and check in at Fish'n Fins docks
Days 2-10: Live-aboard cruise unlimited diving
Day 11: Return back to Koror and tour ends


Ocean Hunter I - Itinerary
Below is a typical schedule for your trip onboard Ocean Hunter I. Your actual schedule may vary as all our trips are based around sea conditions, tides, currents and moon cycles. We want to dive the right site at the right time. 

Unlimited diving and unlimited bottom time are the two main doctrines that make the Ocean Hunter so unique. We promise that you can dive whenever you want- some guests have done as many as seven dives per day while others stick to two. There is great flexibility aboard Ocean Hunter because of the small number of people, so you can create dive profiles that suit your personal needs.

Diving off the Ocean Hunter means you get personal attention, reefs without a crowd, easy entry into the water, and maximum bottom time! Instead of waiting for 20 other divers to surface or have them waiting for you, you and your buddy can stay under the water as long as you like, without any pressure. A divemaster, after giving a briefing, will enter the water with you on every dive to guide, guard and assist. Night dives are offered every night. 

We welcome all levels of divers, from experienced to beginner. Another great advantage of diving from the Ocean Hunter is that there are practically no chaseboat rides, those 30-minute rides to and from the dive site on fancy skiffs required by the bigger liveaboards in Palau. Because of its small size and shallow draft, the Ocean Hunter will usually take you directly above the dive site so you can jump off the main boat from a comfortable dive platform. Some sites visited are even inaccessible by day boats and bigger liveaboards. And when your dive is over, you can climb back onboard and take a warm, freshwater shower right on the dive deck before being offered a delicious snack such as cake or a fresh fruit smoothie. Where you live and where you dive is only a jump away.

Day 1: Join cruise in Koror
We will pick you up from your hotel at 10:30AM. You can get your gear ready and have lunch on board.
12:30-13:00: First dive on Helmet Wreck (WWII Japanese ship which is easy to dive and you can check your gear and weights)
14:00-16:30: Ocean Hunter will cross the lagoon to German Channel
16:30- Second dive at German Channel or Big Drop Off.
19:00: Night dive followed by dinner

Days 2, 3, 4: Outer reef
Wake up at 6:00-6:30AM with coffee, tea and sweet rolls
The diving on these days will be at some of the following divesites: German Channel, Big Drop Off, New Drop Off, Blue Holes, German wall, Barnum wall, Blue Corner, Virgin blue hole, Turtle Cove, Ngedebus coral gardens, Ngedebus wall, Fairyland, etc.

Normal dive schedule on the Ocean Hunter I as follows;
07:00: First dive
08:30: Full breakfast
10:00: Second dive
12:00: Lunch
13:00: Third dive
16:00: Fourth dive
19:00: Night dive, Dinner

Days 5,6: Pelileu

Ocean Hunter sails to the Peleliu area and we dive some of the following divesites: Peleliu Wall, Peleliu Corner, Peleliu Coral Garden, Orange Wall, Peleliu Expressway, White Beach, Yellow Wall, Peleliu Cut, etc. For those who are interested we can offer a land tour on the island of Peleliu which was a major battlefield during WWII.

Day 7: Blue Corner/Ngemelis
Return to the Blue Corner/Ngemelis area for another day of diving. The diving on these days will be done at some of the following divesites: German Channel, Big Drop Off, New Drop Off, Blue Holes, German Wall, Barnum Wall, Blue Corner, Virgin blue hole, Turtle Cove, Ngedebus Coral Gardens, Ngedebus Wall, Fairyland, etc..

Day 8: Ngerechong Island and visit to Jellyfish lake
Diving in the area of Ngerechong Island and visit to Jellyfish lake. On this day instead if the 3rd dive a planned visit to the Jelly Fish lake will be offered instead.

Day 9: Ulong Island area
Among the Dive sites that we will explore are: Ulong Channel, Ulong wall, Siaes Tunnel, Siaes Corner, Ulong Coral Garden. 

Day 10: Return towards Koror
Our last day diving on the Ocean Hunter I and an early 7am start for our first dive on one of the WWII wrecks (Iro or Chuyo Maru) followed by a full breakfast around 8am. At 10am we do our second dive (normally the Jake Seaplane, a WWII airplane). At 12 noon- Lunch followed by our 3rd dive at Chandelier Cave before returning to the docks around 4-5pm. Divers can wash your gear and will have dinner on board

Day 11:
7:00- Breakfast and disembark the Ocean Hunter to airport or your hotel (transportation provided)
Voyage ends around 8am.

Viktig Informasjon

Package includes;

  • Accommodation on board & cabin tax
  • Diving according to trip’s itinerary (4-5 dives per day)
  • 3 gourmet meals a day, hot and cold drinks, Snacks (sunrise, morning, afternoon and late night)
  • Transportation to and from boat
  • Weights, weight belt and Scuba tanks
  • Transportation to/from boat, to/from airport

Not included:
  • Departure tax from Palau (USD35)
  • Koror State Permit $100 valid for 10 days.
  • Peleliu Permit $30 valid for 10 days.
  • Departure tax $20 and Green fee tax $30. This is payable at airport during departure.
  • Any & all other permits that the government of Palau will be collecting.
  • Liqour, wine, beer and soda
  • Nitrox - available upon request at extra cost.
  • Hotel prior and after the cruise
  • Flight ticket to/from Palau (please ask us for our special fares to Palau)

Other useful information;
Getting to Palau from Europe: DYKKEbazaar & DIVEPlanet offers excellent dive rates (including 30 kilo luggage) from most major cities in Europe Turkish Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qatar via Manila (an overnight stay might be required) or via Seoul on Korean Airlines
Best time for diving in Palau: Palau is located 400 miles north of the equator and is totally out of typhoon range. The weather is typically the same any month of the year. Many years ago we experienced the phenomenon of DRY and WET seasons. However, due to global weather changes this no longer applies. The reefs around Palau and inside the lagoon allow us to dive and enjoy the water throughout the year. Since 1972, Fish 'n Fins has not cancelled a single day of diving!
What diving experience do I need in Palau? Is it safe for a beginner? Palau is ok for all levels of divers, but some of the dives can have strong currents
Are DIN valves available? Yes there are DIN valves available.
If my equipment breaks, can I get it repaired? Yes, we have a workshop with certified repair technicians on staff.
Water temperature: 28-30ºC
Visibility: on the outside reef normally +30m and inside the lagoon 15-25m
Destination is famous for: WWII wrecks, large schools of barracuda, manta rays, tunnels, caves, nautilus diving, crocodile diving, wall diving, macro, drift dives
See dive map for this destination - click here
Deck plan for Ocean Hunter I - click here

See our dive videos for this destination:

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