Oman Aggressor - Hallaniyat Islands & Daymaniyat (10 nights liveaboard cruise)

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Oman is not really one of those places you hear about as a diving destination, but nevertheless, the diving scene in this beautiful country is alive and kicking. Oman is very beautiful above and below the water, with lush green oasis', mountains, wadis and a very long coastline that offers a lot of interesting topography and abundant marine and coral life. Unlike many other places with decent diving - Oman is not over run with tourists/divers.

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Day 1: Arrival Salalah and boarding from 3:00 pm as the boat will depart approx 10:00 pm
Day 2: 6:00 am departure for 1st dive
Day 3-9: Eat, Sleep & Dive
Day 10: at around 3:00 pm return to the port according the itinerary in time for our cocktail party 6:00 pm and dinner ashore at 7:00 pm (this dinner is the only meal not included in the cruise)
Day 11: Check out 8:00 am


Oman (Copyrigth Vidar Skaalevik)Oman offers pristine reefs, stunning deserts, rugged mountain landscapes, green oases, endless beaches and friendly people for a scuba diving liveaboard trip. The Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman provide large coral reefs in the deep fjords of Musandam (Gulf of Oman), at Daymaniyat Islands off the coast of Muscat and Hallaniyat Islands off the coast of Mirbat in southern Oman (Arabian Sea) as well as untouched and undiscovered reefs and wrecks.

About the Daymaniyat Islands
The Daymaniyat Islands are the jewels for diving in the Gulf of Oman. This string of small, rocky islands north of Muscat are encircled with awesome coral reefs down to 100 feet/30 m and tons of fish. Coral reefs cover up to 70% of the dive sites seabed with more than 100 different species of soft and hard coral of which no less than 10% are unique to Oman’s waters. Marine life is abundant with 280 different species of fish, varying from sting rays, turtles, moray eels, leopard sharks whale shark. Green sea turtles & hawksbill turtles are common residents of the Daymaniyat Islands. Bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins and sometimes humpback whales can be encountered. The islands are a nature reserve and an important turtle nesting site as well as a sanctuary for migrating birds.

About the 
Hallaniyat Islands
These islands are located off the south eastern coast of Oman. The islands are the paradise of untouched dive sites and home to pristine corals, wrecks and whales. New dive sites and wrecks can be discovered all the time. Diving highlights are undoubtedly the opportunity to see the resident population of humpback whales but also includes encounters with manta rays and sperm whales. Huge schools of dolphin are often seen as well as green turtles. Giant oceanic manta rays, giant groupers, giant catfish and mobulas are common encountered. The islands boast a healthy marine life with awesome coral garden and you will see fish in their thousands.Hallaniyat Islands are an undiscovered diving region where you can expect everything!

When you're on an Aggressor Fleet Oman scuba diving liveaboard trip, you'll discover that the sea is full of fascinating life - whale sharks, humpback whales, sperm whales dolphins, manta rays, sharks, sea turtles, mobula, mola mola, moray eels, angelfish, stingrays, king mackerel, tuna, lobster, crayfish, and nudibranchs. More than 1000 different types of fish and shellfish call the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman home. Strict fishing conditions and large marine parks ensure that this valuable treasure is protected.

Viktig Informasjon

Package includes;

  • Accommodations aboard the yacht
  • 3-4 dives per day (up to 3 night dives permitted)
  • Compressed air tanks, weights & belts
  • Airport and/or Hotel transfers on day of charter
  • Beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are complimentary while onboard. 
  • Linens are changed mid-week and fresh towels are placed in each stateroom as needed.
  • Breakfast (cooked to order), buffet lunch and an elegant meal at dinner with tableside service are served in addition to fresh mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.
  • Filled tanks, weights and weight belts are included. 
  • DAN Europe dive insurance (only apply when purchasing flights from DYKKEbazaar/DIVEplanet or for members of the Norwegian Dive Federation)

Not included:
  • Airfare (DYKKEbazaar can assist with flights if required)
  • Insurance
  • Equipment rentals
  • Certification or specialty courses
  • Hotel stays/day rooms
  • Crew gratuity
  • Taxes and Fees (see below)
  • Mandatory Emergency Evacuation Program fee $30
  • Unlimited NITROX available at $150 for the cruise

Other important information:
Rates: All rates are quoted on a share basis in deluxe shared cabins; therefore you will be roomed with other persons of the same gender. If you would like a private room, the cost is 65% surcharge and will guarantee you a private stateroom.
Surcharge for upgrade: for upgrade to Master $285 and to Suite $428
Taxes & Fees: 
USD 200 Park & Port Fee: Muscat - Salalah (10 night charter for diver/non diver) 
Water temperature: 24-30ºC
Best time to visit: Through October to February, the ideal months for both diving and land excursions, the water temperatures reach 28C). Far to the south, the area around Salalah has a pristine coastline with seemingly endless bays and beaches. The best diving here is from October through May when the seas calm and the water warms up. The winter months are an ideal time to visit Oman due to the improved visibility and more varied marine life. Perhaps it's time to take a scuba diving holiday to Oman before the secret gets out. 
The average visibility on dives hovers around the 15m mark, however with favourable upwelling and currents the visibility can exceed 25m. 
Destination good for: Manta rays, whale sharks, dolphin, abundant reef fish life, multiple macro critters, Mola Mola, Mobulas, sharks and beautiful coral reef diving
Dive Insurance: is mandatory prior to traveling on the Oman Aggressor. Proof is required prior to diving.
Guests will be met by a representative at our host hotels Sifawy Boutique Hotel (Jebel Sifah Marina), Juweira Boutique Hotel (Salalah Beach Marina) and Atana Khasab (Khasab Port) on Saturday afternoon. Boarding starts at 03:00 pm. On Sunday morning the yacht departs. After a full 6 days of scuba diving on a liveaboard trip, Oman Aggressor moves to the Port. Check-out is Saturday morning at 8:00 am. Transportation is provided back to the host hotels or airport from the yacht at the end of the charter. Transportation is provided back to the Airport according the itinerary on Saturday morning.
Transfers: The Oman Aggressor can provide transportation from the host hotel to the yacht on the charter departure date with a pick up time of 3 pm for $35 USD per person one way. At the end of the charter on the departure date, transportation can be arranged for departure at 8 am from the yacht to the host hotel or airport for $35 USD per person one way.
Visa: A tourist visa is required when entering Oman. You may log to the following website to purchase an E-Visa ESTA - click here.  It takes 10 minutes to fill in and pay for online and is good for a 30 day stay in Oman. The airlines will want to see the printed and approved ESTA at check-in when flying to Oman
Facts about the Oman Aggressor - click here
See the Dive Sites description and map - click here

See our destination video from this dive expedition;

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