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Underwater you can expect unforgettable scuba encounters with playful sea lions at sites throughout the area. Schools of hammerhead sharks and encounters with manta rays, breaching mobula rays and magnificent whale sharks are also headlining diving attractions of the Sea of Cortez. Cetaceans are commonly spotted and include vast pods of dolphins, porpoises, pilot whales, killer whales and even sperm whales and humpback whales.

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Day 12 (20/5/19): Check out from Nautilus Belle Amie and bus to La Paz
Day 13 (21/5/19:
3 dives Sea of Crotez
Day 14 (22/5/19): 3 dives Sea of Crotez
Day 15 (23/5/19): 3 dives Sea of Crotez
Day 16 (24/5/19): 3 dives Sea of Crotez 
Day 17 (25/5/19): Free time
Day 18 (26/5/19): Depart from La Paz back to Europe
Day 18 (27/5/19): Arrive Scandinavia²


Diving Mexico! Just as sightings of different species of dolphins, whales such as the gray whale, humpback blue whale, killer whale, and also the presence of magnificent shipwrecks will make your stay in the Sea of Cortez unforgettable! The opportunity to swim, snorkel and dive with numerous marine species such as sea lions, whales sharks, hammer sharks and more. Your stay at the Sea of Cortez will be one of your best memories! The crystal clear waters have a visibility of 30 meters (100 ft) and a temperature of 30 degrees in summer and fall!. are waiting for you!

The whales, sea lions, whale sharks, magnificent shipwrecks, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, sharks and more . We guarantee you a personalized service with the highest quality services, equipment and experience!We look forward to enjoy a wonderful time in the Sea of Cortez, the famous aquarium of the world, in a friendly, familiar and professional atmosphere, without forgetting to be respectful with our beautiful environment! We will do our best so you can enjoy an unique experience in this paradise that Jacques Cousteau called "Aquarium of the World"!

Diving the Sea of Cortez
What sets La Paz diving apart is the big stuff: giant mantas, sea lions, and impressive numbers of sharks, including whale sharks and hammerheads.La Paz is among the world's great dive destinations: More than 25 dive sites surround the islands outside La Paz's bay, such as Espíritu Santo, San José, and Cerralvo. Here are the area's most notable dive sites:

  • El Bajo: This is a pinnacle starting at 18m with a relatively flat top. The sites often attracts big schools of hammerhead sharks. Also present is the Panamic green moray e. Visibility is general very good. In the area you can also see a few other pinnacles with peaks between 18-45m below the surface.
  • La Reina & La Reinita: A rather deep wreck dive possibility down to 45m. The wrecks are in front of the tiny islands of Cerralvo, about 90 mins from La Paz. Here you can see brain coral, tropical, fish, rays and different types of moray eels. In the summer mponths it is possible to also see giant sea horses in the area. Encounters with whales are usual during the winter calving season.
  • Los Islotes: Famous for its rock caves and friendly sea lions. These 2 large rock islands (one has a natural arch where you can dive thourgh the centre). The dive site is about 90 mins from La Paz. This is an easy dive which startes at 5m down to around 30m.
  • Salvatierra Wreck: This 75m long ferryboat sank in 1976 after colliding with the nearby reef. The vessel now lies on a sandbar at 18m, making it an excellent wreck dive. The wreck is located in the San Lorenzo Channel and is filled with sea life.
  • San Francisquito: This dive is similar to El Bajoand has an abundance of sea life
  • Whale Island: The dive site takes its name from its shape and has dive through cabves, crevices and rocky reefs. In addition you will find coral forests from 6-18m depth. On sandy shelves between the caves there is a lrge garden of conger eels. The dive site is well protected and is an easy dive.
Brief Itinerary:
Day 12 (20/5/19): After breakfast on board the Nautilus Belle Amie we will be transferred to the local bus station in Cabo San Lucas and travel by local bus to La Paz on the Sea of Crotez side of Baja California. We plan to take a bus at 11:30. The trip across the Peninsula takes approx 3 hrs. Check in at Hotel La Concha Beach Resort 
Day 13, 14, 15 & 16 (21-24/5/19: 3 dives Sea of Crotez (total of 12 dives)
Day 16 (25/5/19): 1 dive in the morning and rest of the time in/around La Paz and Baja California 
Day 17 (26/5/19): Transfer to La Paz airport for our flight back to Europe via Mexico City
Day 18 (27/5/19): Arrive Scandinavia²

Viktig Informasjon

Package includes:

  • 6 nights Hotel La Concha Beach Resort,  20-26/5/19
    Room type: Shared twin regular room
    Meals: None
  • Dive package include: total 12dives, weights, belt and air 
  • Bus Cabo San Lucas to La Paz
  • Departure transfer La Paz
  • DAN Dive insurance

Not included:
  • Tips
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Personal expenses and dive equipment
  • Meals not mentioned above

Other useful information:
are based on sharing cabin with other person of the same gender
Water temperatures: Depends on the season with winter temperatures down to 20ºC and in the Summer up to 29ºC
Visibility: Depends on the season with peak visibility during July-October when it is normally up to 35m. The worst visibility is down to +/- 15m
What's the diving like?: Wall diving, some current and drift diving
Destination known for: whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, shark action, dolphins, whales, manta rays, schooling fish & big pelagics...
When to go: Best time to dive here is between July and October when the visibility is at its best and the water is warm, but diving is possible all year round. Whale sharks are normally spotted all year with juveniles present between late September and the end of November. Large adults are known to visit the area between April and May which is also the time to spot large schools of yellowfin tuna and scalloped hammerhead sharks. Sealions are present all yea round, but the best time would be between August to September when you can dive with the playful juveniles. Gray whales is normally spotted between January and March while the winter months is the best time to encounter Blue Whales.
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