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Malpelo Island located some 500 km on Colombia’s Pacific Coast some 500 km (approx. 270 nautical miles) may not look like much from above, but the islands true treasures are below the surface. This is regarded as the shark capitol of the world and on any given dive, you might encounter more than 200-300 hammerhead sharks, 100s of silky sharks, whale sharks, eagle rays, tuna, sailfish and even the occasional whale. This is shark diving at IT’S BEST!

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Day 1 (4/10/22): Arrive in Cali and transfer to our hotel. Arrive any time
Day 2 (5/10/22): Departure around 14:30 for the transfer to Buenaventura and board the boat
Day 3 (6/10/22): In transit to Malpelo Island
Day 4 (7/10/22): Arrive Malpelo Island in the morning, 3 dives are planned for this day
Day 5-8 (8-11/10/22): Diving Malpelo Islands, 3 daily dives
Day 9 (12/10/22): Last day of diving, start return voyage to Buenaventura
Day 10 (13/10/22): Arrive Buenaventura at around 22:00. Overnight Buenaventura
Day 11 (14/10/22): Transfer to Cali. Overnight Cali
Day 12 (15/10/22): Tour ends in Cali and transfer to airport


Scalloped Hammerhead SharkMalpelo Island is without a doubt one of the top scuba diving destinations in the world, underwater environments boast steep walls and caves that support populations of over 200 hammerhead sharks and 1,000 silky sharks. In this undisturbed environment, these sharks can maintain their natural pattern of behaviour.
Malpelo Island, or the Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, is known for its tremendous shark population. It is one of the few places in the world to see scalloped hammerhead sharks schooling in great numbers and joined by silky sharks. It is also a place where the rare smalltooth sand tiger shark can be seen in the waters around Malpelo Island.

Day 1 (4/10/22): Arrive Cali
You will get picked up at the Airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragon in Cali (CLO). A private car driver will be waiting and holding a banner with your name. Immediately he will take you to the Hotel Boutique San Antonio in Cali.
Arriving to the Hotel and registration and overnight

Day 2 (5/10/22): Cali to Buenaventure (B)
Breakfast included at the hotel until 10am. 
Free morning until 13:00hrs. Recommendation: Go and walk around the San Antonio neighbourhood (Hotel zone) and get a Colombian lunch.
At 13:00 a private van will pick you up at the hotel to get you down to the departing port (2.5hours drive). Expecting time for arriving at the departing port. Around 17:00 
Between 18:00 and 19:00. The crew will show you the rooms and the common areas of the Liveaboard. Also a dinner will be served.
The ship will sail at around towards Malpelo

Day 3 (6/10/22): In transit to Malpelo Island (B,L,D)
En route to Malpelo Island.

Day 4 (7/10/22): Arrive Malpelo Island (B,L,D)
First dive of the Malpelo expedition (7:00am). Then it will be two more dives the same day. 

The Hammerhead Triangle
As with the Bermuda Triangle, this triangle is an imaginary geometric formation. The corners are formed by Cocos Island, Galapagos Islands and Malpelo. All of these locations have a world-renowned reputation as top dive destinations of the world and especially the concentration of schooling hammerhead sharks.
All these islands are separated from the mainland between by 500-1000km deep waters with challenging conditions, but where currents rage and marine life concentrated guaranteeing epic diving.

Some of the top dive sites at Malpelo are;
  • The Cathedral: This pinnacle has a tunnel passing through it from a sandy bottom at 18 meters, almost reaching the surface on the other side. The walls of the tunnel are covered in corals and sponges. The tunnel interior is full of many varieties of fish and white tips, eels, grunts, snappers, eagle rays, tunas.
  • The Twins: Two towering pinnacles grow almost parallel up to 9 meters from the surface, form canyons that schools of hammerheads and eagle rays like to swim through. You can see many scorpionfish together with eels on the shallower parts of these pinnacles.
  • The Freezer: Hence the colder waters at this side of Malpelo Island, it's also called The Freezer. Hard corals cover part of this wall while in other places, it is easy to recognize its volcanic nature. Vast schools of hammerheads as well as other pelagic species are attracted to this site. Here you can see silkies, mantas, eagle rays, whale shark, tunas, jacks, and eels.
  • La Gringa: This is the biggest rock on the south side of Malpelo. Here is also a cave that passes through part of this pinnacle between 40 and 24 meters. From here, with excellent visibility, it is possible to see three seamounts. A large school of big eye jacks inhabit the exposed side of this rock. Here you can encounter groups of hammerheads, and sometimes Galapagos sharks also visit this area. Furthermore, there are jacks, tunas, eagle rays, and scorpionfish.

Day 5-8 (8-11/10/22): Diving Malpelo Island (B,L,D)
4 days of diving, three dives per day. Malpelo Islands are famous for it's sharks and there have been recorded 10 species in the waters surrounding Malpelo Island including; Monster Shark, Silky Shark, Whale Shark, Galapagos Shark, Bull Shark, Whitetip Shark, Blacktip Shark, Whitetip Reef Shark & Tiger Shark.
The Malpelo Fauna and Flora Marine Sanctuary is a protected marine area and has been
recognised as a UNESCO "Natural Patrimony of Humanity» since 2006 and is the 9th largest marine conservation area in the world and covers approx 8600 km²
Because of the restrictions on these waters, they have quickly become crucial to several internationally threatened species. In particular, it’s considered a ‘reservoir’ for sharks, billfish and giant grouper. It’s also one of the few places in the world to see the short-nosed ragged-toothed shark.

Day 9 (12/10/22): Malpelo Island to Buenaventura (B,L,D)
Last day of diving. it will be two dives in the morning. The boat will leave Malpelo towards Buenaventura (pacific port).

Day 10 (13/10/22): Arrive Buenaventura (B,L,D)
The ship will be arriving at Buenaventura. Approximate arrival time: 22:00. Overnight Buenaventura

Day 11 (14/10/22): Buenaventura to Cali (B)
A private van will take you back to the hotel Boutique San Antonio in Cali. Overnight Cali

Day 12 (15/10/22): Tour ends in Cali (B)
Breakfast at the Hotel in the morning. A private car will take you back to the airport in Cali (CLO).
End of service

Viktig Informasjon

Package includes:

  • National Park fees
  • Two nights at a 4 Stars Hotel in Cali and breakfast
  • Transportation (50 minutes) from the Cali Airport to the Hotel and then back to Airport
  • Transportation (2 ½ hours) from Cali to Buenaventura and then back to the Hotel in Cali
  • During the trip in the live-aboard all the meals, drinks (No Alcohol) and snacks are included

Not included:
  • Diving gear is not included but it is possible to rent it direct at the place. Let us know before
  • Tips for the crew are not included but is up to your consideration
  • Surcharges for single cabin and upgrades as follows;
    Double Bed or Twin, Private Bathroom add USD103
    Single cabin use USD236

Useful information;
Best time to dive Malpelo Island? 
The best for diving in Malpelo is more regarding water temperature. Some people prefer between December and April to see bigger Hammerhead schools but from May through November you have warmer water (between 24-27ºC) and there is more diversity in general. Because you also have Giant Oceanic Mantas passing by and also schools of Silkies. Also, it is easy to see a school of 50 or 100 Hammerheads during summertime. Wildlife!  Now we have seen Tiger Sharks coming from Cocos because water is getting warmer during last years for example. During this time you also should have big schools of Silky Sharks, Galapagos Sharks and Whale Sharks on Scuba! Also you can see Manta Rays and is the Humpback Whale season. Personally we this period personally because water is warmer but Malpelo does not have a bad month in general. 
How are the seasons at Malpelo considering the water temperature? Colombia is a tropical country without seasons. However, we consider winter in Malpelo between November and April. The water is about 22-25ºC with a minimum of 18ºC and maximum of 27ºC. Summer would be between May and October. The water temperature is always around 24ºC and 27ºC. Minimum of 23ºC and maximum of 28ºC.
Destinations is good for: schooling hammerhead and silky sharks, 9 other shark species, swimming moray eels, sailfish, tuna and in general pelagic schooling fish and even the occasional whale.
Malpelo Island also has a really good Topography. There are four dive sites that have beautiful caves of at least 10mts to 25mts.
Not so good for: macro, wrecks and land based activities
Visibility: From Dec-Apr visibility is not to bad at between 10-15m normally (although there are some days with 20-30m. 
Between May-Nov visibility is between 15-30m.
Currents: Due to the topography and the deep waters surrounding the islands currents can be strong and can change quickly. You need at least to be an Advanced diver or 2 stars CMAS. Is mandatory to show the certification as you do your booking or before getting on the boat.
Max capacity: 16 divers | 12 staff
Diving information: All diving is from 
Dinguis (Zodiac) for taking the divers from the boat to the specific dive site. Usually we take a maximum of 6 fun divers plus staff per dingui.

See our destination video from Malpelo Island;
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