Bahamas Aggressor - Off The Beaten Path: Southern Exumas down to Conception Island

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Jim Church Photography Cruise - Learn underwater photography or enhance your advanced photography skills aboard a Jim Church uw photography week with Mike Mesgleski and/or Mike Haber. Course add-on fee is included in the price.Scuba divers travel to find three things: dramatic walls, lush coral reefs and exciting animal encounters - and the Bahamas Out Islands offer all this! Warm, turquoise crystal-clear waters and drop-offs close to shore make these islands a diver’s dream.

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Day 1 Saturday: Join the Bahamas Aggressor in Nassau. Embarkation from 4pm (see below for more details)
Day 2-9 Sunday - Sunday: Diving (5 dives a day), eating, sleeping and enjoying Bahamas. Monday is half day of diving.
Day 10 Monday Evening: Return to Port, cocktail party onboard 6:00 pm.
Day 11: Tuesday: Check out 8:00 am.


Diving the Bahamas IslandsThe incredible clear waters of the Outer Islands of the Bahamas are a divers wet dream come true! As a bonus, the Out Islands offer the fascinating lure of Blue Holes, the thrill of diving into the past on historical Shipwrecks, and ideal conditions for underwater photography and video. No other scuba diving destination in the Caribbean offers the range of experiences and locations for world class diving than the Out Islands.Scuba divers travel the world primarily to find three things: dramatic walls, lush coral reefs and exciting animal encounters. The Out Islands offer all this in warm, extraordinary clear water that also provides the perfect environment for learning how to scuba diving. 

The islands of The Bahamas are sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. The archipelago is an ecological oasis featuring 2,000 breathtaking islands and cays that boasts the clearest water on the planet. Incredible marine diversity is found right beside breathtaking white and pink sand.

Scuba divers travel to find three things: dramatic walls, lush coral reefs and exciting animal encounters - and the Bahamas Out Islands offer all this! Warm, turquoise crystal-clear waters and drop-offs close to shore make these islands a diver’s dream. Mysterious blue holes and caverns, shipwrecks and vibrant living reefs, soaring wall dives and thrilling shark encounters all await both novice and experienced divers. 

Concepcion Island
This little island is a Jewel of the Bahamas.  Many swim through’s tunnels and caves are located on the south wall in 70 to 100 feet.  The “offshore” islands set alone out in the open Atlantic Ocean with no large shallow bank around them.  Conception Island and San Salvador Island are two places in the Bahamas not to be missed by the serious diving explorers.  The interior creek is fun to explore and drift snorkel on the out going tide.  The differences are subtle with many fish species the same, but the mix is slightly different and there are a few additions not as common to the northern Bahamas.  

You can easily spend a week Diving just Conception Island, but combine Conception With San Salvador Island 35 miles farther east for a 10 days of diving expedition with a possible stop at Rum Cay along the way.  Conception Island has many great dive sites, but also the island is fun to explore.  

It is an uninhabited National park.  These Far southern reaches of the Bahamas have a different mix of reef fish than the central Bahamas.  The Walls here start at 50 feet and plunge straight down as for as you can go.  Conception Island is the first of the “offshore” Islands in the Bahamas chain.5 miles to the north of the Island.Conception Island located 35 miles east of Great Exuma is our favorite island in the Bahamas. Turtles are often seen on the wall dives just outside the creek entrance.  A north shore trail to Turtle Bay has incredible vistas.  The Wall Diving here is some of the best to be seen in the Bahamas.  

Nice shallow reefs in the bay and several wrecks on the “Southampton” reef named after the British ship HMS Southampton which sank here in 1812 along with the war prize American Brig “Vixen”. The interior of Conception Island has an intricate mangrove flat and tidal entry which is home to hundreds of juvenile turtles.  Also The “Southampton” reef (which brakes the surface at low tide) run

The Exuma Islands
Only a few cruising yachts and native conch fisherman visit the Exumas. The Cays themselves vary in size and terrain: some are low and barren with white sandy beaches;  These Channel reefs are fed by the current flow and are some of the best diving in the Bahamas.Many consider the Exuma Cays to be the most beautiful chain of islands in the Bahamas. Stretching over 90 miles, they range from 30 miles southeast of Nassau (Sail Rocks) to Great Exuma Cay 90 miles to the south. These reefs vary from shallow elkhorn and staghorn coral gardens to tall coral heads on white sand.  Dive these reefs at “slack water” for a relaxing long dive or fly over the reef on a drift dive.

For the diver, the Exuma Cays present one of the best diving adventures in the Bahamas. The abundant coral reefs are protected in all weather conditions to create quiet anchorages and great night dives. The tidal flow onto and off of the “bank” creates strong currents between the islands - ideal for drift dives over a mile in length. Between the islands are narrow channels sporting a maze of coral growth

To the west of the Exumas Cays The Great Bahama Bank ranges 40 miles. The edge contains huge caverns, tunnels, and large fish of numerous species. The wall starts in about 50 - 60 feet of water and plummets to several thousand. Just inside the wall are areas of reef formations in 20-60 feet of water. others have rolling hills covered with dense vegetation and small trees.

The spectacular drop-off runs parallel to the islands along Exuma Sound on the eastern side.  The tides change direction every 6 hours and leave “slack water”  no current periods to dive reefs in the channels between islands. Water visibility ranges from 80 to 150 feet, which makes it a paradise for the underwater photographer. Only 20 - 40 feet deep, the shallow coral reefs here teem with tropical fish and provide an excellent environment for the juveniles to develop. This remote - and still virgin - territory is accessible only by boat while being only a few hours from the International Airport of Nassau with its direct flights from the USA and Canada.

Viktig Informasjon

Package includes;
  • Accommodations aboard the yacht
  • Up to 5 dives  per day (2 on the last day)
  • Compressed air tanks, weights & belts
  • Beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are complimentary while onboard. 
  • Linens are changed mid-week and fresh towels are placed in each stateroom as needed.
  • Breakfast (cooked to order), buffet lunch and an elegant meal at dinner with tableside service are served in addition to fresh mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.
  • Filled tanks, weights and weight belts are included. 
  • 2 week DAN Europe dive insurance (only apply when purchasing flights from DYKKEbazaar/DIVEplanet or for members of the Norwegian Dive Federation)

Not included:
  • Airfare (DYKKEbazaar can assist with flights if required)
  • Insurance
  • Equipment rentals
  • Certification or specialty courses
  • Hotel stays/day rooms
  • Crew gratuity
  • Taxes and Fees (see below)
  • Airport and/or Hotel transfers on day of charter

Other important information:
Rates: All rates are quoted on a share basis in quad share cabins; therefore you will be roomed with other persons of the same gender. If you would like a private room, the cost is 65% surcharge and will guarantee you a private stateroom. Surcharge for upgrade to Deluxe cabin ($200).
Taxes & Fees: Port charges $90, park fees $10 (paid onboard)
Best time to dive teh Bahamas: 
Diving the Bahamas is possible year round. There are some fluctuations in the weather, however for the most part these have a minimal effect. November brings with it colder fronts occasionally, and the water temperature can drop to 25°C. For 'winter', the temperatures are still at a level to dive comfortably. The warmest water temperatures 30°C occur during the summer months from June to September. This is also when the seas are the calmest and visibility the best. However with such incredible conditions, the visibility is still spectacular even during the winter months. August is considered to be the month that experiences most storms, although these are also infrequent.  Although a year round destination for divers, there are some seasonal factors that could affect the species you encounter. The Bahamas liveaboards visit Tiger Beach to see tiger sharks around the May to July period, while March to June is the best time for spotting oceanic whitetips. April tends to the be the best critter time of the year and therefore favored by macro enthusiasts. May is an active period for fish and coral spawning.
Water temperature: 25-28ºC (summer months), 24-27ºC (winter months, with possible 22ºC drop in January). 3-5 mm wetsuit recommended
Destination good for: Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, dolphin, grouper, snapper  and  other abundant marine life
Arrival/Boarding/Departure: Guests arriving into Nassau (NAS) International Airport on Saturday will first clear customs then proceed to the taxi stand located just outside the terminal building. A fixed fare taxi can be secured to take you to “Elizabeth on Bay Marketplace and Marina” in downtown. Guests may board the BAHAMAS AGGRESSOR™ after 4 pm on Saturday. At 6 pm the yacht departs for its night anchorage to prepare for diving Sunday morning. After a full week of diving, the BAHAMAS AGGRESSOR™ returns back to the Elizabeth on Bay dock in Nassau Friday afternoon after lunch (1 dive offered Friday). Check-out is Saturday morning at 8 am. The crew will assist organizing transportation back to the Nassau International Airport Saturday morning or a local hotel if you are extending your stay.
Facts about the Bahamas Aggressor: For more information and cabin/deck layout - click here
Need To Know Before You Go - click here
See the Dive Sites description - click here

See our destination video from this dive expedition

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